Friday, July 13, 2007


I feel weird putting this up, but the truth is that this is my blog and I get to speak out about things that disturb me here. So, a new general policy.

This particular part of my story is more personal than what is discussed at Master of Irony. Writing this list was one of the most freeing things I have done in the last year because when I realized I had taken 40 medications and all of those at varying doses I knew that I had tried. I have fought hard with meds and been through a lot.

Every treatment path is different. Some try even more meds than I. Some try one. But this page is about me.

I honestly didn't expect anyone to read this particular page. Instead it is very popular because it comes up with so many med searches.

So I will ask of you, please comment. But please try to do so in a way that does not lead to comparisons. "Your list is impressive but mine is worse" isn't helpful to me. I need to remain focused on my list showing that I have tried hard, because I struggle to believe that. I really love hearing stories about people who got better after being non-responders. Emilijie is a good example. Just please, I can't compete and don't want to compete in some pain olympics.

OK? (Sorry if this offended anyone; I wasn't going to post it but it keeps coming up and it bugs me)