Friday, January 8, 2016

Cocktail 69

We added a micro-dose of lithium.  So this time Seroquel, lithium, topamax, gabapentin, Emsam, klonopin, hydroxyzine as needed, valium as needed. I think technically I've probably been on this combination before but not with the lithium so very low. 

After a month with the lithium very low we increased it slightly 3 days per week.  I had a level done right after Christmas and since it has done no good expect to be taken off it as soon as Dr Brain gets around to it.  I hope this is before I have to pay to refill since she wrote the script for only 2 weeks worth and the co-pay isn't cheap. 

The next drug with be clozaril, starting with a rapid taper of seroquel in the hospital sometime, well really anytime now.  I assume I'm waiting on a bed but haven't gotten an update so don't really know what is going on.  But that's what is happening.  So cocktail 70 will be a HUGE difference.