Friday, December 7, 2007

More change

I saw my family doctor yesterday and my hypothyroidism has worsened. Plus I needed real treatment for the constipation which has made my life miserable since starting Seroquel. So I once again have revisions.

Current meds:
Depakote 3000 mg
Seroquel 650 mg
Lithobid 300 mg
Atarax 30 mg bedtime, 10 mg twice daily
Ativan PRN
Imipramine 50 mg
Colace 400 mg
B vitamin complex with Vit. C and zinc
Synthroid 88 mcg MWF, 100 mcg other days

Plus dried fruit daily and of course lots of water, which is just a part of my life. I would drink lots of water even if I weren't trying because of all these meds. Who knew fruit could be a prescribed treatment?:)