Saturday, June 16, 2007

Current Meds

This is an always changing list. I figured I'd keep it on top and then update the long list with changes. Just in case anyone is interested. As noted on the next post, this is all related to the story told at my real blog, Master of Irony.

As of June 16, 2007, my meds are:

3000 mg Depakote ER
300 mg lithium (lithobid)
50 mg imipramine
10 mg atarax twice daily and 20 to 40 mg at bedtime
88 mcg syntyroid
100-200 mg provigil
10 mg zyrtec

Vitamin B complex (taken pretty consistently)
multi-vitamin (less consistently because they tend to make me sick)
protein bar (not a med but something I make myself eat daily because I don't get enough protein and it makes me feel yucky)