Monday, October 4, 2010

Long time

For a while nothing changed much.  Then I got lazy.

At this time my meds are:

Emsam 9 mg/24 hour patch
Seroquel XR 700 mg, hopefully going to start backing to 600 soon
Seroquel XR 50 PRN if I don't fall asleep
Klonopin 1 mg AM, 1 mg PRN, 2 mg bedtime
Vit. B
Vit. D 2000 ius.
Lithium 600 mg (Eskalith, which I seem to tolerate better for no good reason)
Amitza 24 mcg twice daily (for constipation.  Works well, I'm not consistent taking it twice daily but it still works)
Amelioride 10 mg
Nuvigil 125 mg (we made this dose to reduce the cost because I pay out of pocket)
Synthryoid 88 mcg
Lidoderm patch as needed to my injured ankle for pain reduction.
Nexium 40 mg daily

I'm about to start lots of Vitamin C to help with immunity as people are getting sick rapidly in my work area.  In fact 3 of the 6 I called today were ill and unable to participate and another was sick when I arrived.

So, I didn't wind up with less meds from last year's changes, but right now am on a lot of extra from an episode.