Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I let a lot of time and med changes pass without updating. This is more for my own information than anything but it was invaluable when I applied for SSDI and since I'll have to provide updates occasionally this is still very helpful. Current meds: 900 mg Seroquel XR 400 mg gabapentin 625 mg lithium CR (eskalith) 25 mg Topamax (working on increasing to 37.5 on the way to 50 if tolerated. Taking for migraines but helping with mood) 2 mg Klonopin at night, 1-2 mg PRN 9 mg/24 hr transdermal patch Emsam (MAOI patch) 24 mcg Amitiza twice daily for constipation 88 mcg levothyroxine 10 mg Singulair 40 mg nexium multivitamin Caltrate vitamin D Hair, skin, nails vitamin supplement Albuterol, alvesco, ventolin inhaler all as needed for asthma (have permission to use daily steroid as needed to decrease agitation side effect) Vicodin PRN 1/2-1 tab for migraine pain