Saturday, January 4, 2014


If I remember correctly I have now been on 64 med cocktails. The current one is doing fairly well. I still need something that is more effective but this is what I'm going to get at this point. The current meds are:

  • Seroquel XR 900 mg
  • Emsam transdermal patch 9 mg/24 hours
  • Klonopin 2 mg daily
  • Klonopin 1-2 mg PRN, rarely used right now
  • Neurontin 400 mg 
  • Topamax 25 mg.  I was trying this for migraines and can't get high enough for that to help but it does seem to help my mood.  I was on 37.5 and had some side effects and backed off but I think I want to try to go back to that dose.
  • Nexium 40 mg
  • Singulair 10 mg
  • Various asthma meds PRN
  • Amitiza (constipation med)
  • Synthroid
  • magnesium (helps with migraines)
  • higher dose B vitamins (need extra riboflavin for migraines)
  • hair, nails and skin complex that I may stop soon since my hair isn't falling out anymore (started after my hysterectomy)
  • multivitamin with extra B vitamins
  • Calcium plus Vit. D
  • Vitamin D
  • chromium to try to even out blood sugar levels
  • cinnamon for same.  May be useless but it was worth a try
I'm still supposed to start melatonin for migraines but haven't had time that I've not been adjusting to other med changes to do that.

I think that's all for now.