Saturday, April 5, 2008


It's been a long time since I posted here. That's mainly because for the first time EVER my meds have essentially been the same. I've acquired some more med issues and so I guess it is time to update.

In January I changed jobs. When I went for my pre-employment physical I complained that the Miralax added in December to help with constipation was not really working. The doctor noticed my lips were the kind of dry that means really dehydrated and became concerned. I had to answer a number of questions about my pee, and give a urine sample, and left with a diagnosis of diabetes insipidus. This is a direct result of lithium and means that my kidneys are not concentrating my urine anymore, so that I pee out everything I drink rather than my body having water to work with.

After a lot of doctors talking to other doctors (there are now 4 involved in this mess) we came to the conclusion that letting me take lithium is important as long as possible. So I started taking a diuretic called amelioride which controls how much I pee. I cannot express the relief at peeing with half the frequency and much less the volume as before. One of the tests I did involved a 24 hour urine collection, and I gathered 3 times the normal amount. I can't imagine how much that would have been without the amelioride, which I now take at a higher, more effective dose.

Last month, in a truly momentous occasion, my psychiatrist allowed me to LOWER the dose of my anxiety med because I'm doing great but am too sedated. I have never lowered the dose of anything because I was doing well. Six years from starting lithium I am getting better.

I am taking I think 32 pills/day still. I don't see that changing for a long time, if ever. But I can't imagine anything better than feeling so good at last.